Our Team

The People Behind Infinito Softwares

Intrinsicly strategizes cutting-edge before interoperable applications incubate extensive
expertise through integrated intellectual capital.
Daniyal Ali Sajid
CEO, Co-Founder
M. Bilal Anwar
CTO, Co-Founder
M. Zaryaab Shahbaz
Lead Engineer
Abdullah Shoukat
Operations Manager
M. Muzammil Shaikh
Lead Designer
Sumbul Malik
Automation Engineer
Rogelio Comer
Frontend Developer
Jennifer Miller
Digital Marketer

What’s Clients Say

You know you did right when all your effort started to pay off in an unexpected and impressive way.
Jason Thomas Jason Thomas

Jason Thomas

Web Development Customer

I have worked with many developers over the past 25 years and I can say that if you are organized, they. will meet and over deliver on your expectations. They get it and are passionate about your project.

Olivia Noah Olivia Noah

Olivia Noah

Social Media Service Customer

They are simply EXCELLENT! They produce great materials for my social media, and even keep me on task with approvals. Definitely something I need with my busy life. They have expanded my reach considerably.

Robinson Walker Robinson Walker

Robinson Walker

Web Development Customer

I have been working with infinito Softwares for almost one year now. They continue to enhance my website and meet all of my expectations. Great team to work with.

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Gold Point Mall, Murree Road Rawalpindi.



Office # 202, Second Floor, Ghauri Town Phase 5-A, Awan Plaza, Islamabad

New york

New york

4219 Snowbird Lane St Carthage, New York(NY), 13619



Brandenburgische Straße 200-208 Tottenham, Ct Rd, London

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