Bigure LLC E-commerce Website Development

Project Overview
Infinito Softwares was commissioned to create an e-commerce platform for Cartit.pk, a dynamic online store offering a wide range of products. Our objective was to develop a scalable, secure, and user-friendly shopping environment that supports a seamless shopping experience.

Cartit.pk needed an e-commerce solution that could accommodate a vast inventory, provide a streamlined shopping process, and handle high traffic volumes without compromising performance. The client also required robust functionalities for product management, customer service, and secure payment processing.

Solutions Delivered
We developed a comprehensive e-commerce website, cartit.pk, featuring:

  • Modern, Responsive Design: A visually appealing layout that adapts seamlessly to different devices, ensuring an excellent shopping experience for all users.
  • Advanced Product Filters: Intuitive search and filtering options that help customers find products quickly and efficiently.
  • Secure Payment Integration: A secure, reliable payment gateway that supports multiple payment methods, ensuring safe transactions.
  • Scalable Product Management: A powerful backend system that allows for easy management of product listings, inventory updates, and promotional campaigns.
  • SEO and Performance Optimization: Optimized for search engines and performance to enhance visibility and ensure smooth site operation even during peak traffic.

Since launching, cartit.pk has achieved a substantial increase in user engagement and sales. The platform efficiently handles the growing demand, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Cartit.pk has established itself as a significant player in the competitive e-commerce market.

“Infinito Softwares has been instrumental in bringing our vision for Cartit.pk to life. Their expertise in e-commerce development helped us launch a platform that not only meets our business needs but also provides a fantastic shopping experience for our customers. The feedback from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive. – Founder, Cartit.pk”






Website Design and Development


November 18, 2019

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